I have enjoyed looking at homes since I was a child. From since I can remember I have attended the historic home shows, stopped by open houses when I was driving by and perused every new home show in town to see the latest and greatest in the home building industry. Now I get to take my love of looking at houses and help others find their dream home. I have a Public Relations degree from Purdue University and have been working in marketing since I was a teenager. When selling a home these are 2 areas that are crucial to getting your home on the market and sold in an efficient manner. I have also been a photographer for over 20 years so I know how to market your home through photography in the best style possible. Staging is also a love of mine so if you would need, I can help you get your home ready so that it will look its best for your potential customers and hopefully limit the amount of time on the market. I have lived in the Indianapolis area all my life. I have lived in the towns of Zionsville, Noblesville, Fishers and Indianapolis, I currently live in Carmel and also have a residence on Sweetwater Lake so I have first hand knowledge about all these areas. If there is one thing anyone will say about me is that I am a very detailed person and when you get the chance to work with me you can count on all your needs being met in a very timely, knowledgeable and efficient manner. I look forward to helping you sell your home or find your new home.

Carmel-- I currently live in Carmel. I have lived here for 14 years. I know this area very well no only because I have lived here for awhile but also because I have 4 children and we are involved in the community. My children have played sports with the Carmel Dads Club and I was on the Redistricting Committee for the Carmel Clay Schools for 2 sessions that covered 6 years. Because I was on this committee I have a vast understanding of all he schools boundaries, sizes and locations. This also allowed me to learn the locations and personalities of neighborhoods throughout the Carmel area.

Noblesville-- I lived in Noblesville for 9 years and have a good idea about different pockets and neighborhoods of this town as well. My parents lived on Morse reservoir so I am knowledgeable about the lake area too.

Fishers--I bought my first home in Fishers. Back then it was a town of 3,000. I lived there for 3 years and have watched it grow to the bustling town it is today. It is known as one of the fastest growing towns in the United States. I know alot about Fishers because I have had the ability to watch each area come into existence.

Zionsville--I grew up in Zionsville. Zionsville is a quaint village as they call it. With the brick main street and the historic homes this is a beautiful town with a small town feel. I lived in Zionsville for 9 years and I can give you lots of history of the town while still being able to show you around all that is new.

Cordry/Sweetwater Lake Nineveh Indiana-- My husband and I have a lake home on Sweetwater lake. We have been on Sweetwater for 9 years. I know this area well too. I can help you if you are interested in lake property in the Brown County area. Brown County is beautiful year round and lake property is a great real estate investment.

MY story of buying my first home:

I know that if you are in the market to buy your first home it can be overwhelming. My first home was in Fishers. When we walked into that home we loved it right away. We did not want to schedule a second showing. We didnt need to think about it. We knew that that was the home for us. We told our realtor that we definitely wanted to make an offer. We were so into finding our new home and thinking ahead to moving in that we didnt even realize we had not taken the time to look in the back yard. Our realtor tried to slow us down and suggested we take a walk out into the back yard before we made up our mind. We went outside and to our surprise there in the backyard was a big swimming pool. We had no idea the house had a pool. Somehow we had missed that big hole in the ground full of beautiful blue water. Now for some that would not be a good thing, but for us that was just icing on the cake. We made the offer and moved in. We went on to have lots of pool parties. The moral of the story (as they say) is I would love to help you find your first home but I want to let you know that I will make sure that I wont let you miss any of the small things let alone the big things. There is so much to take in and I wouldnt want you to find a big hole in the ground in your back yard that you DIDN'T want there. Lets look for a house together. It will be FUN!